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 Stewart Frank Transportation provides and specializes in hospital discharges, doctors appointments, dialysis transportation, and non-medical trips. By providing a variety of transportation options, case managers and transportation coordinators can choose the services that best suit their clients needs. Local and long distance transports are available. SFT offers a full range of services to ensure patients receive the most appropriate assistance and care, regardless of the nature of their transport.

At Stewart Frank Transportation, our focus is on ensuring that the client receives the highest quality care while still providing a variety of cost effective transportation services. We provide: Dialysis Transport; Medical & Dental Appointments; Physical Therapy; Rehabilitation; One-Way Transports; Family Events; Church/Social Functions,Train & Bus Stations. We accept debit cards and major credit cards.

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Our Motto is: Service with Excellence

The mission of SFT is to provide quality non-emergency medical service to customers who seek a professional, pleasant, and reliable experience.

Conceived out of needs, but created out of desire to have a quality, and professional transportation service, while attempting to ease the stress levels of the clients due to their potentially life changing medical events.  It was out of this mindset that SFT, was consistently reminded of the evolving medical needs of the Mahoning Valley client-based populations, and the many non-emergency medical service providers have frequently demonstrated a lack of professionalism and reliability.  What will set SFT apart from others is its mix of research based and quality control methods to ensure reliability, resulting in a comforting approach to its client base.  

Working with local healthcare facilities, SFT will receive a predetermined scheduled list of Mahoning Valley adult clients.

SFT seeks to offer its clients a safe and risk-free round-trip service experience. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality transportation while allowing them to keep their freedom and independence. Our clients are the highest priority.
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Let us get you to your scheduled appointment, we will get you there safe and sound. 

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SFT is committed to provide integrated, high quality  non-medical transportation to the members, facilities, and communities in which we serve.

Public Transportation
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No matter the event, SFT will provide the perfect transportation option for your group. 

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SFT is committed to provide integrated, high quality, medical appointments as we strive to set the bar with our reliability, exceptional experience and quality vehicles that go the extra mile. 


Flat Rate

Unbeatable Direct Pay Only $25 Roundtrip 

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