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We Go the
Extra Mile for You

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Need a lift? We can help.

One of Ohio's most reliable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service.

About Stewart Frank Transportation 

The mission of Stewart Frank Transportation is to provide quality non-emergency medical service to customers who seek a professional, pleasant, and reliable experience.

Reliable, Comfort and Safe Transport

Our customers are what we all have. Their satisfaction is all we need for running our transportation system smoothly.

Proudly Stewart Frank Transportation usually arrives at their destination on time with few exceptions in the record.

Safety of our customers comes first before anything. We make sure that all our vans are checked prior to their rides.

We’re Hiring

Businessman Driving a Car


Learn how the community is raving about the most reliable transportation company in the area: 

“SFT definitely goes the extra mile to make sure I’m safe and comfortable. They’re consistently reliable!”

Steve T. 

“SFT calls their drivers “Care Ambassadors.”  They truly care about our well-being as passengers. Their friendliness always seems to brighten my day.”

Doris L. 

“SFT!!!  There couldn’t be a better ride in Youngstown!!”

Mark S.

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